We address workplace wellbeing by focussing our efforts into three distinct areas, we consider key pillars within any organization.

As an ancillary Wellness Team 360, we partner with corporate organizations to provide bespoke consultancy services that help in facilitating employee wellbeing. We enable this through.

“When worker well-being (defined holistically to include physical, mental, financial, and social aspects) suffers, productivity often declines and health care costs frequently rise. Presenteeism, which costs US employers US$150 billion a year in lost productivity, can escalate.”

- Jen Fisher, U.S. Chief Well-being Officer, Deloitte Services LP

Let us realize the value of being Employee-centric

Let us work together for Safer Braver Workspaces

Partner with our team of legal experts and workshop facilitators to be compliant, take proactive measures, address the issue of sexual harassment at the workplace, and ensure that the work culture supports everyone’s wellbeing.

“The Supreme Court has flagged ‘serious lapses’ in the implementation of the ten-year-old PoSH Act to protect women from sexual harassment in workplaces, calling for its robust and efficient implementation.”
- The Hindu (May, 2023)

Let us enhance the Financial Wellbeing of our Workforce

“57% (employees) say finances are the top cause of stress in their lives. Financially stressed employees are nearly five times as likely to admit personal finance issues have been a distraction at work.”
- PwC’s 2023 Employee Financial Wellness Survey